Getting Back to It - Part 2

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Getting Back to It - Part 2

Post by bryan.welsh » Fri May 15, 2020 7:45 am

Morning folks

So it does appear that we can get out on our bikes acting responsibly - just two bikes, not groups and any pillion must be from the same household as the rider. As long as the R number doesn't go back up (when we may become restricted again), then we can plan rides.

Karl Keegan very kindly sent me a paper (attached) that deals with getting back out there - taking it easy and doing all the things we know about, but with a bit extra caution. There can't be many occasions when most of the mobile world decides to get back on the road at the same time - not only will we be rusty, but so will everyone else, and that makes us, as motorcyclists, even more vulnerable than usual. I haven't edited the paper, but it does talk about riding in groups, and as we all know by now, this is not yet allowed.

If you do venture out on the bike this weekend, then take it steady please.

Regards, Bryan
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