Lockdown Update - Getting Back to It

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Lockdown Update - Getting Back to It

Post by bryan.welsh » Tue May 12, 2020 7:15 am

Hello Everyone

Whilst the Governments' new advice is wide ranging and perhaps confusing (who'd want to be Boris Johnson), it does appear to be a little clearer with regards to us getting out on our motorbikes. I'm not suggesting that my summary here is absolutely correct, but it seems that short social distancing "non essential travel" is now possible. So, from Wednesday 13th May we can get out on our bikes but only with one other rider and when stopped stay >2m from your riding partner. I hear that having a pillion who is from your own household is acceptable.

IMPORTANT: If you're an IAM Observer or an Associate, until the IAM make a statement allowing us to get back together, then WE CANNOT MEET UP FOR AN OBSERVED SESSION - we will not be insured, so we need to wait until the IAM publicises it's intentions.

So, if you're planning to get back out on your bike after this lay-off, it's important that you prepare yourself as well as your trusty steed. Hector Vass very kindly sent me a document he's written called "Getting Back To It" which is his musings about getting back on the bike (or bikes - not at the same time of course!) after the lockdown, so I thought I'd post this here. This is NOT an official IAM or WaBAM document, it is Hector speaking for himself, so is one viewpoint (but if you know Hector you'll know that his thoughts are well considered). Note - his comments about POWDDERRSS and also his Gymkana references need to read with care. Anyway, here it is. If you do go out on your bike then PLEASE take it easy and keep safe. Bryan
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