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Slow Riding

Post by bryan.welsh » Wed Apr 29, 2020 8:56 am

Morning all you frustrated motorcyclists - at least the weather is nicer today than it was yesterday!!

Slow riding or manoeuvring is a skill that is often needed when we're out an about, but we often fall short in carrying it out well. We either end of up doing a "several" point turn or worse, we drop our cherished machinery on the floor. That's why WaBAM have been running Slow Riding sessions for the last few years. We had one scheduled for this month but has obviously been cancelled, but the next one is scheduled for Sunday 27th September so put that in your diary (hopefully this will be able to go ahead). It's also at a new venue at Avon Tyres in Melksham (Patrick will publish details nearer the time).

Anyway, over the years I used a paper that has 3 slow riding articles which I find useful and I've attached it to this posting (don't now where they came from originally). They are a bit different, so you may have views and even a favourite, so if you have a point you wish to make then reply to this post, then reply here or contact your Observer or an OSD or anyone else for that matter, but keep the conversation going. btw - in each article there are links but only one of them still works.

Hector and also Eddy have been promoting the benefits of MotoGymkana which takes it to another level, so perhaps one of these chaps can contribute, or even post some stuff here that might whet the appetite.

I've also got a video that I quite like that I'll post next time just to provide some comparison between all the ideas. Let's hope we'll be able to get out and practise soon. Cheers, Bryan
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