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Highway Code

Post by bryan.welsh » Sun Apr 26, 2020 9:31 am

What another glorious day - it is what it is, but shame that the weather is sooooo good and we can't get out on the bikes.

The Highway Code - now there's a dry subject, except it's important. While it can be seen as "rules" which must be followed, there's a lot of sensible stuff in there, so I would advise you to read it. However, to make it more accessible, even fun, here are a couple of ideas.

The first is the Highway Code phone app - it really is very good and it only costs a few quid. You can just read it from front to back, or search it, and there is also a section on Traffic Signs and even Quizzes you can take (and no one can see your answers apart from you !!).

And talking of quizzes, another advanced group, East Kent Advanced Group have created a Highway Code quiz page (see link below). Total of about 80 questions, served up in lots of 20 each time you visit. It's a really good site.

https://www.ekam.org.uk/index.php/advan ... -code-quiz

So, we all know we'd rather be out practising our skills, but at least we can stay in tune with the road. Good luck. Bryan