Safety on the Move- Riding Like a Road Tester

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Safety on the Move- Riding Like a Road Tester

Post by bryan.welsh » Fri Apr 24, 2020 5:00 pm

Evening all (who remembers that crusty old policeman then - Dixon of Dock Green was it!!)

Thanks to Peter Hawkes for finding this for us. It's Michael Neeves from MCN giving hints about how to ride like a road tester. Once you've clicked the link and it opens the web page, if you don't want to read it all, you can scroll down and click on the video. ... ssion=true

He's basically saying that once you know these tips (and we know some of them), it makes you smoother and safer - now where have you heard that before.

Couple of things that jumped out at me - when you stop for more than a few seconds (when traffic lights have gone just gone red for example), he switches off and releases the clutch - saves you either holding in the clutch (but we wouldn't do that anyway, would we?) or clunking into first when you're ready to go, and also keeps the heat down and saves fuel - not sure about this but it's an interesting take on things.

The other thing was how he shuts off the throttle when cornering - he may be right for his type of riding but of course we advocate positive throttle - maybe a discussion to have between Observers and Associates etc.

Anyway, it's a short piece and make interesting reading/watching - enjoy, Regards, Bryan