Motion Camouflage - SMIDSY

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Motion Camouflage - SMIDSY

Post by bryan.welsh » Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:48 pm

Hello Everyone

Some of you may have seen this before but it's worth highlighting it again. We've all heard about SMIDSY (sorry mate I didn't see you). Indeed I believe Stephen Wilkinson-Carr of an adjacent parish has given us a good presentation on this in the past. I'm an advocate of a particular technique and this is explained in the first attached article called Motion Camouflage, and the second article called Motion-Induced Blindness explains a bit more about the science behind it. So hope it makes sense and we can practise these techniques and others again soon-ish. ... otorcycle/

Best wishes, Bryan

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Re: Motion Camouflage - SMIDSY

Post by les.snelgrove » Sun May 10, 2020 5:58 pm

If in doubt - don't! :shock:

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